Goldendoodles: The hottest dog breed of the past two decades

If you feel like you’ve been seeing more and more Goldendoodles lately — around the neighborhood, at the park, in various print and TV ads — you’re not wrong. At least, that’s what the findings from a study at online pet site Vetstreet suggest. When the site compiled a list last year of “The 20 Hottest Dog Breeds and Mixes,” the energetic, personality-plus pooch had charmed its way to the top.

Below is an excerpt from the beginning of the list.

Some breeds, like Labrador Retrievers, have been popular pets for years, but other breeds (and popular mixed breeds) have moved steadily up the list over the past decade. For example, 10 years ago you might not have even heard of a Cane Corso, but these days you’re likely to cross paths with at least one at your dog park or vet’s office.

To determine which breeds and hybrids are truly the hottest ones, we searched Vetstreet’s data and looked at how many places each breed climbed between 2002 and 2012. The results included a plethora of designer mixes and about 800 pounds of giant breeds, plus a few surprises. Did your favorite breed make the list?

No. 1: Goldendoodle

No. 159 most popular breed in 2002, No. 31 in 2012

The Goldendoodle tops our list of hottest dog breeds with a meteoric rise of 128 places over the past decade. This lovable and intelligent cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle is a perfect example of how popular designer mixes have become.

To view all 20 of the top finishers, click HERE.

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Our Winston

Hi Cindy,

Just wanted to give you an update on Winston.  He is doing fabulously well!  He is truly the best dog in the world!  He is so smart….it is unbelievable how smart he is.  We have had him just a week and a day and already he can sit, lie down, almost roll over, shake, “leave it”, ring the little bell on the way out the door to go outside, and is doing wonderfully with potty training.  He whined a little bit last week when he had to go into his crate or play yard without one of us, but we ignored it and now he is just wonderful at night and in the day when he is there to relax.  He usually gets us just once in the night to go to the bathroom, but last night did not get up at all.

He sits whenever he wants something and before coming back in the house.  He is playful and healthy and especially loves toys that have anything on them that shakes or dangles.  He is still learning to come when called when there are distractions, but like everything else, it is a process.  He is just a beautiful boy and we love him so much!  My husband is gone much of the time, but has been home for the summer and it has been a treat to see them interact together.  They are best buds and have a great time hanging out together.

He cracks us up all the time and we are so grateful to have him.  Thank you again for helping us have this wonderful new addition to our family.  He is precious!

Nancy S.

No one can resist the Goldendoodle charm

Goldendoodles are exploding in popularity. People who love all kinds of dogs want one. In a fashion, doodles are the swiss army knife of dogs. To own one means having an athletic dog, a beautiful dog, an intelligent dog and a loving dog all in the same remarkable package.

And, just as aficionados of various types of dogs are drawn to Goldendoodles, people from every walk of life are as well. From factory workers to physicists, home health nurses to homemakers, doodles exact an irresistible pull that seems as inescapable as gravity.

Case in point, one of our satisfied clients here at Blue Ridge Goldendoodles is Nascar driver Casey Mears. The photo shows him and his lovely wife Trisha with their little bundle of doodle joy. We have helped wonderful people like the Mears from coast-to-coast enlarge their families with a second-to-none Blue Ridge Goldendoodle puppy.

We hope you’ll be next. Fill out the puppy application here on the site to begin the process. If you have questions, feel free to contact us for clarification.


Parris – our special mini-goldendoodle

Parris she is an f1 mini goldendoodle from Blue Ridge Puppies.  She is top agility dog in the country right now (May 23, 2013) for mixed breeds.

Parris just earned her MACH 5.  Parris’ official AKC name is MACH 5 Parris April Williams MXC, MJB2, MXF, TQX.

She is the 2nd All American dog to reach MACH 5.

The Invitational qualifying period will end on June 30th. The top 5 dogs in each Breed ( Parris is in All American because she is a mixed breed) will be invited to Orlando for the AKC National Invitationals. We are currently in 1st place but that could change. My goal was top 5 ….we will see come June 30th.  1st or 2nd would be incredible.

Parris is a registered Therapy Dog with TDI.